Racism in Canada

The research was to determine the extend of racism subjected to Inuit of Canada discussing the measures, practices and policies which have contributed to their oppression in various institution and the various measures which have been used to correct the institutional racism, determining their effectiveness. System racism occurs when a racial group is oppressed, excluded […]

Racism in America

Introduction Racism is refers to such feelings of prejudice that lead to hostility or hatred and subsequent actions against others due to difference in ethnicity (Fredrickson, 2000, 1). Often racism has taken extreme forms and led to some of the most brutal examples of human antipathy against fellow human beings, whether it’s the case of […]

The Myth of the White Supremacy and its Relation to Racism

The Civil Rights Era was marked between 1865- 1970. More specifically, the Civil Rights movement happens discretely between the 1950s and the 1970s in which the central aim leans towards the struggle for racial equality. For the purpose of this essay, the author will be identifying and analyzing the arguments of African-American racists. In addition, […]

Questions About Racism

Question 1 According to Schaefer (1999), bilingualism is becoming more evident and is being observed in many government as they try to assimilate the minority groups in the system. The government in the United States has been taking any emergent opportunity they get from the immigrants. This has led to the involvement of bilingualism and […]

Racism Essay

Racism has long been one of the biggest negative marks on American society. From the days of slavery, to the civil rights movements era, to the Rodney King incident, to today’s racial profiling, there has been an element of race and racism on many parts of American culture and history. Many changes have occurred for […]

Racism and Media

Racial stereotyping of Africans Americans as criminals has had negative effect on how police and the larger white race treat Africans Americans. Stereotypes based on race are to blame for most of the problems facing Africans Americans. A stereotype is a type of belief that some people attribute to another group of people based on […]


It comes as a surprise to me that the issue of racism and sexism is still being brought up in a world where we claim to uphold equality of rights among men and women, regardless of color. But then again, if we look at our society, in particular, and the world, in general, we will […]

Racism and Self-Esteem

Racism is a belief system which states that individuals can be superior to others on the basis of race. This theory has led to much violence and genocide in the world. It is, in fact, this sickness called racism that led the Nazis to slaughter the Jews. The theory of racism seems to have been […]

A Critical Exploration of Justice and Racism

While considering the link between justice and racism this discourse invariably hints to the fact that the administration of justice in our society is hardly devoid of the social prejudices that plague our society. In ways more than one, as demonstrated by various scholars herein, it turns out definite that the justice system has been […]


William Shakespeare’s tragic play Othello was written in 18th century England. Influenced by the ideas of the Renaissance and Enlightenment period, the tragedy was not so much man’s resistance to destiny. In subtle ways, the play points to nuances of racism and feminism from its characters. William Shakespeare’s Othello is a general and thus also […]