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I Have Chosen to Carry Out My Investigation on ‘Racism’. The Hypothesis I Have Set Myself is ‘Racism is Wrong’

The reason why I have chosen ‘Racism’ as a part of my investigation is because I have gone through racial harassment and I feel that me being able to do this coursework will let me speak my mind about racism and talk about it in more detailed manner. This means that I will be able to write down my experiences. I personally believe that racism should be eliminated through all walks of life. Be it someone’s religion, skin colour or even what language they speak ‘racism is wrong’

I will use a variety of research methods to help me. To research my sub questions I have decided to use a mixture or research techniques, for this sub question “what is racism?” I used the Internet. And found it useful because it has a large amount of information that can stretch to the other side of the world. It is also quick and easy, and has both sides of the argument and also is up to date. But the information has to be read carefully and certain relevant pieces have to be selected for use.

What is racism?

Racism is defined as a principle in the superiority of one race over all others. It occurs when people are prejudice and discriminate others because of what colour skin they have. People who are racist are prejudice, they use their own views to hurt the other person/people, this is done physically or verbally, and they do this all according to their beliefs before knowing the facts. Racism can happen not just because of the colour of the persons skin, it can also happen within the same minority, this type of racism is mostly to do with religion, where people discriminate the opposite religion this is another form of prejudice. Also racism can happen because the person has a different nationality or even speaks a different language. They are all the categories that prejudice and discrimination hold, and all come into racism. Racism can make a person or person’s life a misery. This is because the victim feels traumatized all because he or she is discriminated due to their colour or just because they are different. Racism is sometimes described as a traumatizing and disturbing moment in time. Most of the time racism is shown in the media as one side, one sided meaning that only one of the minorities were getting racism, but this is not true, there are other sides to it. But if you think about England there are more whites than ethnic minorities, so therefore the ethnic minorities would get the more racism. Some expressions of racism are obvious such as graffiti, intimidation or physical violence. Racial and ethnic slurs or so-called ‘jokes’ are other examples of obvious racial discrimination. Unfortunately, they are often ignored because people do not know how to deal with them. Other expressions of racism are slighter, such as discrimination in hiring, renting out apartments and admission to clubs and bars. Racism poisons the atmosphere of trust we need in order to live in peace and harmony. Racist jokes and racial discrimination leaves the victims feeling helpless and fearful. The research method used for this sub question was the Internet, (Encarta). I used this because it was easy, simple and it was an encyclopaedia online.

How does racism affect someone’s life?

For this sub question I am going to use the Internet. As it is simple clear and concise. This sub question talks about “Narinder Kaur” of the Big Brother house channel 4. Also I am going to interview a member of my family as they have gone through racial harassment. Racism can harm someone’s life in many different ways. This can be done mentally which psychologically and physically. From my case study I know that the racist starts off at stereotyping and then talking out and leading up to physical attacks. The victim of the racism can be affected very badly; there health is the key point of all the talk. Even if the racism is only psychological it can affect ones mental health. The victim can there after suffer from depression thus being prescribed medication. Staying with the health issue, attacks upon the victim are also very much unjustified. Physically attacks most probably will leave the victim of the racism is hospital or in need of immediate medical attention. Once racism is inflicted upon someone their way of life is changed drastically, they just can’t lead a normal life. Memories or even flash backs can stay with the victim. For example my research on “Narinder Kaur, ex member of the Big Brother house” (The research on Narinder Kaur is very good as it is her own views, primary evidence)

A recent interview with a member of my family gave me primary evidence as that person had gone through the issues of racism. His/hers life was damaged during that period of time. If a young person was experiencing racism of any kind, they may become lonely and sad. They may also try and avoid situations where racist behaviour could occur. Playing truant in school is also another effect of racism. (Information about ‘young person’ was from the Internet, off a charity’s website ‘Childline’)

How does a racist target its victim?


For this sub question I have decided to use the Internet. On the BNP’s website, I found out that a group opposed to immigrants ect… was a good bit of research because it showed the other side of the racism issue.

As we know racism is caused on the grounds of racial stereotypes. From the multimedia video “Unreported Britain” on the BNP’s website, it showed asian youths talking about how they would target a ‘white boy’ walking down the streets. These racists spoke very graphically and had there faces covered up. They all hanged about with each other. These racists, I quote said “we get a buzz in smashin his head” The racist in the video wore the same type of clothing as burglars. The racist preys on its victim much like a predator. The racist finds that the weaker ones are more of a target, as they will do little to fight back. The racists target their victims because they say that have a reason, in most cases racists base their beliefs on prejudices and stereotypes. They don’t want to take in the other side of the point. For example the right wing Neo-Nazi group BNP. (The videos off the BNP website are primary evidence. They showed what happened. They also could be biased because of the BNP’s views)

What are racists trying to achieve?

For this sub question I have used the Internet. The BNP’s webpage shows the views of people that want a British Britain. The BNP gives a more radical ways of running the country. People in Britain frequently get angry about the amount of immigrants that flee to our country. Whites who are in opposition to the immigrants usually argue that they have occupied the jobs from them. When the 1991 census was carried out 94% of the population was white, the immigrants couldn’t possibly be talking all the good jobs. (This information is out of date, its not primary evidence. And within a decade the population has gone up and so have the ethnic minorities) for example the BNP, this is a far right group. There beliefs are near racist. Some people might even call them 100% racist. There views are very extreme. The BNP’s views on asylum seekers is that there is longer hospital waiting lists, homelessness and taxes which are being put down the drain because it is being wasted in the welfare system on the asylum seekers. There views may not sound bad but the BNP has other radical ideas. And if in power in the United Kingdom, most immigrants would have to leave. The BNP states that the asylum seekers come to Britain to take advantage of the welfare system. Also because of the huge influx of immigrants/ asylum seekers hospital waiting lists have gone up.

Since September 11th the BNP has focused on Islam saying that they are very extreme and a danger to the British people. Many people that follow the BNP don’t get the adequate information to make the correct judgement; so then hate crimes/attacks are carried out. From my research from the BNP’s website, since September 11th, there anti Islam had increased! There were leaflets on there websites. One leaflet was like a propaganda it portrayed Islam as bad and not wanted.

(Case Study on Damilola Taylor) During the Damilola Taylor inquiry it was alleged that the attackers were after his �20 jacket. And it wasn’t a race related crime. The motive for killing this poor innocent life was purely based on what colour skin he had. By murdering this person the racists achieved nothing but self-pleasure. The Damilola Taylor issue was all over the TV. Some of the information could have been exaggerated. Also the media can be biased at times.

What is being done to stop Racism?

For this sub question I have decided to write letters, as it will give me a better idea of what is to be done to stop racism. I had written to the government (CRE) commission of racial equality but have not had any replies. I thought that the letter would give me data from the source direct. Writing letters will give me primary up to date evidence. Letters can be biased if only sent to one group so to eliminate that problem I also wrote to the BNP. This now would give me both sides of the issue. But also I have not received a reply from the BNP. Charities play a huge role in helping the victims or racial attacks and racism in general too. A charity called ‘Childline’ helps young children with problems from bullying to the issued of exams. They also talk about racism; Childline is a very good charity as it listens to the younger society or Britain today. They help to comfort the children and find peaceful solutions to there problems. Racism cannot be stopped it will always be there where and when you least expect it to be. On the other hand the victims of racism can be helped, this is through charities like Childline ect…

Childline is the UK’s, 24 hours free helpline for children in trouble or in danger. Childline trained volunteer counsellors comfort, advise and protect the children. Many children call the Childline about a wide range of problems but in my case also ‘racism’

In every county there is a police force or some sort. The police can play a huge role in stopping racism. To gather evidence on what the police do to stop racism, I wrote a letter, I felt this would be very effective as it was a source of primary evidence. But I have not had any reply as of yet. The police can help the victim as they can go to court and get a restriction or injunction order set upon the racist. If the racist broke the injunction order he or she would face time in prison.

Local borough councils can also help the victims as they have the power to evict the racist neighbour if he or she has a council property. The council give the racist individual warnings before they order the eviction of the property.

Are there still problems with racism?

For this sub question I have chosen to use the Internet to research. The Internet is fast and reliable source of information. But sometimes can be biased.

The home secretary, Jack Straw on 31st July 1997 set up an inquiry into how the murder investigation of ‘Stephen Lawrence’ Jack Straw presented the inquiry report in parliament on 24th February 1999. Much of the report concerned the mishandling of the case by the metropolitan police service. The inquiry also looked at the local authorities and the civil services dealt with racial incidents. The inquiry made many recommendations to evaluate the evidence and the arguments they heard. These recommendations were policing and racial equality which mans equality within the police force and equality when dealing with cases of crime. The next issue was to do with the police complaints procedure; the report recommended that the police and local authorities adopt a new definition of a racial incident.

“A racist incident is any incident which perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”

Also the stop and search was an issue as it was mostly ethnic minorities that got stopped and searched. Yes there are still problems with racism, a person had to die before the government set an inquiry. But the government has improved the law. According to my research on the law, Yes the race relations act says you cannot be discriminated against because of your race, colour, nationality or citizenship or your ethnic background ect… Finally the law protects you against racial discrimination. There are still many problems concerned with racism, but the government is reaching its targets/goals.

Coloured people are a part of our lives, although they are the minority, they deserve to be treated just like everyone else. Younger people don’t see racism as a problem and they can look beyond somebody’s skin. But unfortunately the young children have to grow up around people who have these racist views about black and asian people. If racism continues to thrive then the younger generations will take the information for granted and straight away will judge a black or asian person upon what skin colour they have. In my opinion racism is very wrong and immoral and shouldn’t be accepted!