Cause and Effect of Racism

Cause and Effect Essay As a child my mom always taught me to be proud of who I am; to disregard all the negativity that was sure to come my way. As a constant reminder she bought books like Black Beautiful Me and Strong and Black to keep up my self-esteem. It was a good […]

Capitalism Racism And Patriarchy

Patriarchy and Capitalism and Racism all oppress women as allied but independent systems Therefore the revolution that Marx envisioned, a society that would operate under equality for all would need to address them as such and challenge them through a combined attack Marx believed that economic change would lead to cultural change and all other […]

Bullying and Racism Australia

Racism can either be really easy to see or really hard to recognize, especially if you’re not the victim. Racism can happen anywhere, in the public society, at your own home, and a lot at schools. Today I will be talking about racism at schools. Anyone can be racist or experience racism at any point […]

Are Indian Mascots Racism?

Indians as a mascot is not racism. The Indian culture should be honored to be looked at as strong, fierce people. It was never a problem when the teams first decided to make it their mascot, so why is it now? The mascots represent who the Indians were years ago when they hunted and killed, […]

Against Racism

Racism never stands still. It changes shape, size, contours, purpose, function, with changes in the economy, the social structure, the system and, above all, the challenges, the resistances, to that system. The racism we are faced with today Is not the racism we faced 40, 50 years ago, when we first came here. Then, post-war […]

A critical Analysis of Contemporary Racism in Australia

This assessment was based on David Melon’s report “Contemporary Racism in Australia: The Experiences of Aborigines. Davit’s report shows that In recent years contemporary racism still as a serious problem than It had been In last several years and also gives a research about this phenomenon. This article would analyses David Mallow’s research critically from […]


At that time, black people were divest of their basic rights. As time goes by, ethnic discrimination was losing Its power due to the presence of mixed- race slaves who no longer looked or sounded black. At that time, racial discrimination was based on the ethnic background and the skin color of the people not […]

Cyber racism

Racism not only happens face-to-face It also happens In many other forms ranging from discriminatory treatment to violence motivated by race. Cyber racism is also another form. In the cyber world racism can take the from of a website itself, its written comment, its images, blobs, videos and online comments. In addition, racist comments, images […]

Racism in Football

Introduction Whilst racist activity both in and around football grounds has been a feature of the 1970s and 1980s, racism within professional football in Britain has, historically, been tied to the nature of British society, in particular its colonialist and racist past. Cohen (1988) has suggested that by virtue of its imperialist phase, racism is […]

What is meant by the word ‘Racism’?

Racism is discrimination based purely on the colour of a person’s skin. Racism is the belief that race accounts for difference in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. Prejudice means prejudgment and is when someone judges another person before getting to know them. Discrimination is when the opportunities […]