Race and ethnicity takes on different meanings. Although usage are often misleading that people treat them as similar and distinct. Race is a strong term which can provoke prejudices and animosities. Understanding Race Historically, etymological beginnings of Race can be traced back to Latin words “generation” or “genus” which means begetting and descent respectively. The […]

Race, ethnicity and structural racism

In America, race, ethnicity and structural racism are important human components and tools that define and shape the social structures in the United States. These are used in providing the tools with which the people in the society interact with one another. They are important concepts in analyzing the scope of the level of equity […]

The Latent Apartheid

It has always been my observation that the economically backward always choose to live near the most environmentally hazardous places. I had reasoned that the all-pervading squalor near polluting factories makes the places economically viable for the poor and the needy. That is until I had the misfortune of seeing one of the best known […]

Environmental racism

Environmental racism is both a depressing and inspiring story. According to Wikipedia, environmental racism is “racial discrimination in race-based differential enforcement of environmental rules and regulations; the intentional or unintentional targeting of minority communities for the siting of polluting industries such as toxic waste disposal; and the exclusion of people of color from public and […]

Environmental Racism within America

1. The dark legacy of racism in the United States I had dreamed such a happy dream, in imagination had drunk of the water, the pure, sweet crystal water of life, but now–now–the flowers had withered before my eyes; darkness had settled down upon me like a pall, and I was left alone with cruel […]


Racism comes from the English word race, which denotes the concept of categorizing people into groups basing on their specific observable characteristics such as skin color or cranial or hair texture (Anap, 2008). For instance we have under the skin color; have black race and white race. The concept of a race is corrupted by […]

Race, Racism and Ethnicity

Ethnic identity is the basis for understanding the dynamics of contemporary political transformation, but not a lot of study has been done to figure how to evaluate ethnic identity and even less debate on the assumptions of these measurements for understanding ethnic conflict. Ethnic identity is used as an illustrative variable in the experiential analysis […]

Race and Your Community

One can argue that the United States is civilised and cases of racism no longer exist. That may be true theoretically but in practice, it is the opposite. Racism still does exist in most of the communities in the United States. In some communities it exists in such small levels that one may assume is […]

Horrors of Racism

Racism is a commonly used word in the twenty first century. Almost everybody in the United States and Europe has given thought to the state-imposed atrocities inflicted on the Jews in Germany and elsewhere in Europe in the twentieth century. Problems between the white and black people of the United States are also borne in […]

Ethnicity and Racism

Introduction Ethnic identity in varied urban society is maintained against force to assimilate, in part, by an opposing process of pejorative and odious distinction. Name-calling serves to expound and to restate demarcations against which one positively mirrors oneself and one’s group. Schermerhorn, cited in Sollors (1996), illustrates an ethnic group as follows: A collectivity within […]