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Questions About Racism

Question 1

According to Schaefer (1999), bilingualism is becoming more evident and is being observed in many government as they try to assimilate the minority groups in the system. The government in the United States has been taking any emergent opportunity they get from the immigrants. This has led to the involvement of bilingualism and the use of other languages like Spanish in various issues which cut across the whole population of the United States.

The taxpayers’ expenses are assisting in supporting individuals to achieve the required language knowledge. It is evident that the United States has taken the advantage of bilingualism and used it to their maximum. This has been observed in the Way they reluctantly are not ready to change the national language from English and yet when matters involving all people they have strategically used bilingual to help them achieve more. The ballot papers for example have been printed in various languages which help the voters to vote for the candidate of their choice. This can be seen to be an advantage taken by the government to utilize the capacities of the available immigrants making sure that the values of United States like the use of English as the national language are maintained. This has led to various criticism from the immigrants with some feeling that they are under pinned. Others like the Spanish, have appreciated the idea of their language being used in various areas and this has led to their view of bilingualism in a positive manner. Spanish view bilingualism as pluralism since they feel advantaged for having two languages. There are great issues to do with the education system and how the young immigrants are able to adapt in the schooling atmosphere where English has been set to be the only language being adopted in schools. It is seen that even when there is a great increase of immigrants in the United State, application of bilingualism in the various systems is still dragging behind.

Question 2

According to Kirk & Ironside (2002), Mexico has been observed as a place where the United States can receive laborers who offer cheap labor. The laborers who are obtained at cheap price help various firms in the United States to maximize on cost of production. Poverty has increased in Mexico forcing the citizens from this country to be moving to the United States in big numbers which therefore lead to low costs of labor due to their availability. Another issue which has lead to the movement of citizens from Mexico is the fact that there has been drastic deflation of the economy in Mexico. This makes the citizens to always want to move to United States for they are assured of affording a living unlike in their own country where everything seems to shoot up. It has also been observed that there is great unemployment in Mexico which in turn lead to migration of the citizens to the United States.

However, there has been great debates on the duration unto which the immigrants should take in the United States. There have been agreements on allowing the immigrants a two year seasons to work in the United States and later on return to their country. This has therefore led to send back most immigrants whose terms of stay in the United States are found to have expired. The immigrants are therefore only able to work when there is labor and their terms of work expires when labor reduces.

The religion has been playing an important role in the Hispanic Community which has been helping the Spanish community to be able to leave in unity in the United States. The religion has been giving the community a chance to meet each and every person from the Spanish community which therefore assist them in mingling. The religion also assist the immigrants to have a common direction in viewing life issues where they meet in social gatherings and hence get advise on all arising issues.

Question 3

The image that has been portrayed by the mass media in the United States especially one featuring Asian American is being observed to be of indifferent as well as portraying negativity. Most of the mass media being aired by the Asian Americans has great effect to the viewer on the way they deal with the case of racism. There is a lot of insight from the Asian Americans who obtain information from the media. The media has been seen to offer satirizing information to the consumers which therefore lead the youth and other viewer to extend racism. There is great protection of the individuals who offer the media services for they always have a means to defend themselves from blames pointed to them. The media therefore places the fellow tribes mate in the whole defense of a racist action which in other words keeps the fire against racist burning and in fact add more blaze on the fire.

Asian American population has been found to increase and hence there is a lot of public influence by the media. The media has a lot of influence in teaching various means of behavior models. This has made the media to show the groups of individuals who observe and listen to the media to form specific ways on how to react in case of an arising situation. The media has been blamed in enhancing racism in the United States for it has been argued that the media work a great deal to shape the identities of the cultures (Kivel, 1996). This has brought about the formation of certain attitudes towards the various arising issues. It is from the media that the communities are able to articulate different attitudes towards the issues which are affecting the communities.

On the other hand, in respect to the Asian American, there is a lot of neglect from the American media in showing matters concerning the Asian Americans. This is mainly due to the factor that despite the increase in the population and the rise in the Asian American in education systems, Americans are still discriminating the Asian Americans. Kivel (1996) found out that there has been observable cases of discrimination amongst the Asian American but the media industry has always referred to Asian American as being rich and are taken to be socioeconomically upright. As has been observed, Asian Americans are not occupying similar position as the Americans who have similar education and even skills. The American media has therefore been avoiding to show cases which concern the Asian American so as to avoid revealing the issues to the general public. This has led to a lot of controversies to most people who are in a position to examine and even to critic the stand taken by the American. The Americans go ahead and avoid assimilating Asian reporters in their media systems to avoid the publication of the issues affecting the Asians. All these can be seen to be the indifference by which the media has put across while dealing with the Asian Americans and how this is seen to be negative.

Question 4

Brown & Gilbride (2003) noted that there has been observable disservice received to the Asian American and even other ethnic groups of different race that are available in United States due to the application of model minority. The Asian immigrants have been extending their satisfaction of being the model to be emulated by other immigrants and this hinder them from being able to express their exploit from the United States. The Asian Americans have been discriminated while in the United States but they are sometimes covered from seeing this by the overuse of minority model. The Asian Americans are somewhat convinced that they are fairing well while the truth is that they have not been able to trace the discrimination due to the use of minority model. This has been observed to affect many other immigrants who have moved to the United States as they try to compete for identification. This has therefore been a disservice to all immigrants who make the world to perceive them as though they are fairing well whereas they are still receiving great discrimination. This model therefore is a disservice to the Asian American and even other ethic groups for it divide the groups into various units which respectively compete for identification. It would have been better if the groups remained united for they would be able to claim rights by use of one voice.

Question 5

Bryan & Wallace (2003) observed that the internment camp which was used to hold Japanese was unique as the United States used the Japanese internees to come up with a reservation for the Native Americans. The internment camp where the Japanese were placed was constructed with a purpose to make use of the Japanese detainees who were occupying it so as to come up with high tech infrastructure. The Japanese were therefore required in high numbers so as to increase the labor force required to accomplish this mission. The United States made use of the Japanese detainees to come up with the reservation. It is from this place where various recruitment of Native Americans who came from other smaller reservations which were surrounding.

There has been considerable information on the stereotypical images that can be observed in the contemporary media concerning the Chinese Americans as well as that of Japanese Americans. These two groups of immigrants have endowed the minority model and this can be seen as one of the most popular stereotypical image. Through model minority, the two groups have been leaving as separate groups. This therefore kills any unison which the two group would develop especially if they avoided the division of the groups and the identification of the groups as two separate groups.


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